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Pipaltree is dedicated to helping individuals, teams, leaders organisations to thrive, flourish and achieve. We combine our concrete experience of business technical skills together with our understanding of the principals of human behaviour to deliver practical techniques and solutions. We aim to help you to succeed at work, rest and play. It is all about behaviour and resilience.

Our Aim: A happy healthy individual, leader, team or workforce

Your Outcome:  Wellbeing: Vitality, Engagement and Contentment in what you do!

5 zones of Pressure & Performance - are your Leaders managing your performance to bring out the best in you?

I have been wanting to write an article about the Performance Management cycle for some time now –  it is …

Let the power be within you! How to use energy for executive power

How do we define Power? The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course…

Energy 4 Results

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