Knowledge is a part of ones life’s journey, it is continuous.

Our Values: Authenticity, Integrity and Perception

Be Extraordinary!! Our intention is to work with you to help you to become the best, be it an organisation or an individual!

We have a strong track record of contracting on technical projects within Investment Banking, delivering effective workshops, leadership development and executive coaching.

We have industry experience so we understand the challenges of working on a trading floor in terms of the dynamics of making income, delivering to clients, and working across the different areas of the bank (front office, compliance, operations, relationship management).

We help individuals, leaders and teams to create shifts in attitude, behaviour and performance. We have developed ways of motivating and encouraging our clients to understand themselves, their challenges and overcoming these using strategies that result in success and happiness.

Resilience is a key factor in the workplace today!

We  understand that in an environment of continuous change and uncertainty, individuals who learn to better understand themselves and are aware of pressure thresholds will be more resilient. They will thrive as well as work at their optimum levels, the outcome is an  individual who is satisfied, happier and healthier, in the process increasing levels of productivity for the organisation.

Curiosity is our best friend:

Why do we react the way we do in a given situation?

How can we change our behaviour? How do we bring our whole selves to work?

Which are the mechanisms that are learnt from birth and how we can change these to achieve the results we want.

How to live a life that is aligned to our values and makes us happy.

How wellbeing and happiness should never be in conflict with career success and achievement. We strive to listen, understand and deliver.

Our Brand

A Pipaltree is the name for a Fig or Bodhi Tree, which is considered to be the Tree of Knowledge and Enlightenment!  All parts of the Pipal tree, including roots, bark, leaf and fruit, are useful. Our Logo has four silver leaves, the significance of this is:

Though spring, summer, autumn and winter will change the quantity as well as the quality of leaves, our silver leaves represent an ageless and timeless vitality towards ones growth through continuous development.

Client groups include

  • Financial Services- Global and Universal Investment Banks, Insurance Companies
  • NHS Consultant and Team North West
  • Senior Managers across the globe
  • Managing Directors on trading floor
  • Graduates, CEOs and Entrepeneurs
  • Business Schools

We will work with clients to help them with behavioural change as well as developing their strategic capabilities. 1 to 1 coaching and classroom based group learning both technical financial and personal skills training.