Live as if you will die tomorrow – Learn as if you will live forever! Live & Learn!

Jayshree brings her market and business skills into the highly effective coaching programmes. Her experience and great appreciation of the environment we work within is the very reason she is able to provide insightful methods for improving personal performance both on the trading floor and outside.

It has been a compelling experience for me, after 12 years of working in the City, this was the first training (coaching) I had received that remained agile and covered soft skills with technical knowledge plus an abundance of life management tips.

Managing Director Swiss Bank

The significant development opportunities that have been offered to me including working with Jayshree, my executive coach, has enabled me in the last six months to achieve the following goals which are key to my leadership role: To lead, guide, coach and motivate my top team Maintain a high performing team by bringing out the best in people. Empower my team through delegation to, ownership resolve issues and accountability – responsibility to create results.

Senior Regional Manager Global Bank

Thank you for helping to free myself from a negative mindset that I have had for some time. Your greatest skill I feel is being able to pull information whilst assessing a situation in a very natural way, I actually never felt that you were coaching it was more like a natural conversation between 2 people. Professional at all times you brought out the inner confidence I knew I had but had not been able to tap into. Thank you for making me conquer my fears and unlocking a whole new world!

VG Retail Consultant

Jay has a strong and growing reputation, I know a number of people that have used Jay for coaching in various capacities and everyone has found the quality of her input and support to be outstanding The outcome of all the work we have done and Jay’s input has meant I am considerably more effective in the workplace and I have developed real sense of contentment in my life. I am grateful for everything Jay has given me, I am pleased that I can call on her for advice and guidance at any time and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a talented coach and mentor.


Jayshree was recommended to me by a colleague and I instantly liked and trusted her. She has a very positive energy and the atmosphere in the sessions felt like a meeting between friends. I regard Jay highly. She is professional yet very personal and approachable, there was no hard sell (which I appreciate a lot), and the administrative side was easy. Jay generously gave me access to some of her contacts to assist my job hunt. I’d happily recommend her as a coach.


Jay’s energy and candour are infectious. She tunes-in very quickly and as such results are visible fast.

For years I had felt that whilst I was capable and had abilities and dedication (recognised by my management wherever I worked), my career progression was not where I felt it should be. I had become a bystander watching others (usually men) overtake me on the ladder. “Time to get this sorted!” said a voice in my head. Jay’s experience of working in the corporate world and her dedication to achieving results enabled me to really understand myself and my motivations. I learned that anything is possible!


Jay is incredibly good at listening and getting right to the heart of the matter. Her real skill is to quickly turn the discussion into what can be done to remedy any given situation. I learnt the true value of listening closely and being considered in your response. Previously I tended to “shoot from the hip” and I have learned to remain calmer under pressure. As a result in the workplace I get more traction with people when dealing with issues, I feel more credible and confident when handling difficult matters.

Managing Director, Global Universal Investment Bank

Having left the derivatives market with over 20 years’ experience dealing with corporate clients, and a proven track record of building three successful businesses for financial institutions, I was left looking for a new direction for my career. I spoke with Jay regarding my situation. Jay told me this was a challenge that she had come across many times as an executive coach, that she understood the challenges. Jay was able to help me identify the many skills that I’d developed in the financial services industry, recognise the success achieved and help focus me towards the direction I should be travelling. I learned I am good at building sustainable businesses and how many of the skills I’ve developed over the years are transferable in to new business opportunities. With Jay’s experience and positive infectious attitude the situation is easily turned around.


Jay’s coaching opened my mind. I started to see how new possibilities emerge and how to be more effective in working towards my goals. I started to actively invest in myself – which unbeknown to me was something I had not really done before despite my thinking that my achievements to date had been that. I took strides that would ultimately lead to my personal growth being realised much faster than I imagined.


I found Jay’s whole approach very consultative. This was less about teaching a bunch of standardized exercises, more about listening and understanding my specific needs and thought processes, and tailoring the coaching around those needs. 


I started working with Jay several years ago, soon after starting a new job in the USA. I was keen to optimize the opportunity, create a positive impression and identify my weaknesses and do what I could to combat them. I’m several years into the role now and I’m delighted to say my experience has been a very positive one, achieving strong year on year growth, and maintaining excellent working relationships both with my colleagues and clients. Much of this has come about because of the structure, planning and disciplines I’ve adopted in relation to the coaching I received. Plus I feel I gained a better sense of perspective around work life balance which helps to reduce the stress relative to past working experiences.

Regional Director, Global Universal Investment Bank

I was at a crossroads in my career and needed help to identify what I really wanted to do next in my life. Jay helped me believe that I could work on my own terms and didn’t necessarily need a rigid corporate structure around me to be successful. She helped me realise how easily one can mis-prioritise goals based on previous experience – and I came to realise and accept what is really important to me.