Energy 4 Radiance (E4R)

Radiance: ‘happiness, beauty, or good health that you can see in someone’s face’ – Imagine that!

We are just thinking and feeling machines, energy is the mode of transport for making connections that create behaviour. There are just 8 basic emotions that drive all behaviour, each of these generate how you feel, your mood and state that results in all decisions and action. Learn to listen to your ‘intuitive’ self, be your best self, simply by directing thoughts and emotions to shape your behaviour.

Discover how your brain manages you! We provide you withpractical tools, tips and techniques that result in wellness and happiness.

Have you ever wondered how to remain motivated? Have you been overwhelmed with deadlines? Or found it a struggle to emerge from under the duvet to face another day. Take control, through the management of your energy into action! Reframe, Revive and Radiate- Easy!

Survive or Thrive? E4R will help you to create, sustain and calm energy which will create thoughts, that manifest in  feelings that will radiate in all that you do. Building your resilience with a sharp focus on being well.

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