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Energy Management Practice – 3 tips on how to create, sustain and calm your fuel!

Energy and happiness!

What if paying attention to things that we take for granted creates seismic shifts. We design our homes, gardens and lives as a matter of course, so how about managing our vital life force – energy. Not enough – we are tired and sluggish. Too much – we can’t wind down and sleep. Challenge yourself to focus and influence the levels of your energy each day for the next 21 days.


Create: Revive!

Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner punctual & nutritious, small snacks on nuts, fruit in between. (Plenty of tips on Google for good healthy food that creates fuel!)

Movement: Brisk 10min workout as soon as you wake up, a 20min walk       or just dance as you brush your teeth, make your breakfast, shower!

Breathe: 3 Deep breaths then for 30 seconds focus on “exhaling”. Inhale as normal. Exhale and simultaneously contract the abdomen muscles with each exhalation (stop if you feel dizzy!) Repeat for 15 seconds, increase at your pace.

                 H2O-Water- H2O -Water- H2O -Water- H2O


Sustain: Replenish!

Exercise:  Get up and move every 1hour at the least, take a walk, if in an office walk upstairs or downstairs.

Movement:  A quick whole body energiser, find a quiet private place shake your arms, legs and torso feel the tingling sensation that is energy, it’s your endorphins awake and moving!

Breathe:  Standing up with legs shoulder width apart, your hands  clenched into a fist, breathe in and simultaneously pull your arms, bending at the elbow toward you (as if you are pulling the air into you), then, as you breathe out, exhale through the mouth with a soft ‘ha’ and simultaneously uncurl your hands, push your arms out with your palm facing out (as if you are pushing the air away from you). Repeat 7-12 times or whatever is comfortable for you.

               H2O-Water- H2O -Water- H2O -Water- H2O                       


Calm: Relax!

Observe:  What do you see on your way to work, become curious and see what you see note it down if you want, then remind yourself of this in the evening. Eat each mouthful of your dinner and notice the crunch, the taste, the texture, the smell, taste the flavour, is it sweet, bitter, sour, savoury, yummy or yuck. Take your time and relish it.

Stop:  Sitting at your desk, sofa, in your home watching TV, glued to social media. First STOP take a focused breath in, hold for 3 and breathe out through your mouth, repeat 2 more times. Follow this with 10 minutes of reflection some time-in, listen to music, read (preferably non technology based) or revisit your whole day mentally or with another person.

Breathe:  Lying down or sitting comfortably, meditate; Place your hands on your abdomen, just below the belly button. Then, breath in for 2, hold for 1, breathe out for 4 =1 count each breath cycle to 10 and then back to 1. Or simply repeat to yourself ‘I am breathing in: I am breathing out.’ Repeat this for 10mins.

                            H2O-Water- H2O -Water- H2O -Water- H2O

So the common denominator for creating, sustaining and calming energy, is breath and regular hydration just a sip of pure water that’s all.

It is for you to do and notice the shifts. If you want, you can monitor it as you do it. A simple 0-5 Scale (0-No change; 5-Mega shift). Keep a diary, morning, noon and night so that you can track it and review after 21 days.

Something that is an unconscious automatic mechanism in our life, see what happens if you give it focus, so go on replenish, revive and relax yourself. I would love to hear how you get on!

We  run 3-hour workshops that focus on Energy for Results, we’d love to work with you. Maximum 8-10 people per workshop.