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Women and Leadership – 3 Corporate enablers to support you!

Often women stop themselves from progressing. Although a lot of workplace barriers still exist, as demonstrated by the number of women represented at senior levels. At a system level an incredible amount is happening towards creating enabling and facilitative organisations for anyone who has the skills, ability and qualities required to be an executive:

Leadership (Top Team) commitment,
The 21st Century needs highly effective great leaders who can galvanise a company to meet performance objectives, achieve a vision, have emotional intelligence and humility.

HR initiatives are being hard wired into corporate-dom through diversity inclusion policies, employee engagement surveys, accountability through balance scorecards performance management.

Talent Pools & Career Management recruit identify and develop high potential individuals. Women’s networks, mentors and individual coaching

If women truly want to progress in the corporate environment, it is totally achievable. I navigated a successful career in an extremely homogenous environment of the trading floor of an investment bank in the early 90’s. I always considered my job to be my career; my gender or anything else was never ever on my radar. I was totally focussed on achieving my goals with total passion drive and determination so my language, behaviours and action reflected this. I was always looking to learn in different roles and through networking I sought out my own mentors.

Successful women inherent characteristics

  • Focus on goals
  • Strong drive, determination, take risks
  • Communicate to be heard
  • Leadership Managerial Skills
  • A plan for their career

The future for women in business looks bright especially as GenY assume senior positions, lots of change will occur to reflect their work and societal attitudes. Women themselves also need to become aware of how they can help themselves if they truly want to achieve a successful career

Finally, I invite you to reflect on how the following may be inhibitors to your own career success:

Cheryl Sandberg, CFO Facebook recently spoke at a TED talk

Women leave before they leave. A lot of women who want to have a successful career and are planning a family at some point in the future may not volunteer themselves for certain projects or promotion.

Men expect, Women hope.

It is not enough to keep your head down, work hard, achieve goals and hope that you will be rewarded. A 2010 IWD Accenture survey revealed women are less likely than men to ask for promotions (28% versus 39%).

Women need to put themselves forward for more senior positions, they must start to ‘expect rather than hope’. If you have passion, determination confidence and the ability, you can achieve anything you want to do. Gender doesn’t have to come into it.

I would love to hear about your own experience on this subject

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