Personal Development

Personal  Awareness & Effectiveness

You inc – Build brand you

Your Personal Brand is the  powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to  mind whenever other people think of you.  It’s what you stand for –  the values, abilities and actions that others associate with you.

Character and competence

Character Competence
Integrity – congruence, walk the talk, what you see is what you get, courage to work according to your values and beliefs Capabilities – talents, attitude, skills, knowledge, style
Intent – motives, agendas and resulting behaviours – mutual benefit, genuiune care for self and others Results – track record, performance, getting the right things done, past, present and future
Individual – self mastery, personality, moral fibre, personal disposition Recognition – affects perception and credibility

Our Personal Awareness & Effectiveness workshop will help you to become aware of and learn to use what you already have. Personal impact is about what you bring into a room and what others read from that. People get a very good idea of how you’re feeling and who you are from how you look and behave. Learn how to use this to create the impact you want to achieve your desired outcome. Get in touch to arrange this!!