Team Development

Understand your team Action * Behaviour * Culture

  • Do you know what makes the person that reports to you tick?
  • Do you know their prefered style of working?
  • Do know their strengths and weaknesses?

We will work with you to answer these questions, which will help you to set more effective performance goals and will guarantee improved performance and motivated individuals.

PRISM High Performance Teams – Using the power of neuroscience to help teams:

  • Create a shared winning vision with tangible outcomes
  • Maintain open communication and positive relationships with each other
  • Identify and solve problems using PRISM Cycle of Performance Excellence (COPE)
  • Successfully manage conflict
  • Have clearly defined roles and work procedures
  • Cooperate cross-functionally
  • PRISM High Performance Teams – have developed a shared, winning vision, one that brings real meaning to the work that is being performed and one that inspires team members to extraordinary efforts when such efforts are required.